Peter Grimes
Art and Photography
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A self taught artist, I first discovered Celtic Art nearly twenty years ago when I
became interested in the history and mythology of the Celts. This, coupled with
a fascination for abstract art, lead to an interest and then passion for Celtic
artwork, studying the layout and teaching myself how to draw it out.

With finding various books on the subject, particularly George Bains Methods of
Construction and the works of Aiden Meehan, the learning task became much

I have had work displayed in a gallery in the UK, a magazine cover and feature in
Australia, and I have sold work in the UK, the USA and Australia.

The photography started years ago with an Olympus Trip point and shoot, a present
from my Mother, over the years I ended up with a Chinon 35mm SLR (swapped for a
spare Leeds Festival ticket) a Chinon Genesis Macro 35mm and due to the Chinon SLR
getting old and tired the pockets were dug deep into and a Canon EOS 500D was
purchased.  Most of the photo’s on this site were taken with the Canon, over time
I hope to scan and add older film photographs. I would just like to point out the
photography is something I am still very much learning.
About The Artist

Born in Sydney, New South Wales but raised  in the UK, in 2008 I left North Yorkshire and
returned to Australia, settling in Townsville, Tropical North Queensland.